Fire sprinkler systems are an essential fire safety measure in commercial buildings since they're the first defense line when a fire breaks out. Fire sprinklers can save your business in controlling fires, keeping them small, and protecting your occupants. However, how can you ensure that sprinkler systems are adequate? What is the recommended interval for sprinkler system maintenance? Taking care of fire sprinklers means staying up to date on testing and maintenance. 

With the help of fire sprinkler inspectors, maintenance and inspection timelines get followed to ensure that they're working correctly. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and your local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) recommend sprinkler system testing and inspection procedures to ensure that the system is working safely and minimizing the risk of damage and loss of life in the event of a fire.

Are Sprinkler Systems Required to get Inspected Often?

For instance, all commercial entities and nonprofit organizations must follow the NFPA-25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. In addition, Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Austin has additional requirements regarding fire sprinkler inspections and tests. 

The Best Time to Maintain and Test Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems also need to be maintained and tested in addition to regular inspections. During a test, fire sprinklers get physically inspected to ensure they are not merely visible but operating correctly. Routine maintenance and repair are essential to ensure your fire sprinkler systems remain in good working condition. Therefore, you must research before choosing fire sprinkler maintenance providers for your business.

Maintaining your fire sprinkler system:

Maintaining and testing fire sprinkler systems is a crucial step that should never get overlooked. If you fail to perform adequate fire sprinkler maintenance, you may not notice anything wrong with your fire sprinkler system. Still, without the proper care, such as lubricating, tightening, cleaning, and clearing the lines, you may notice that your sprinklers won't function and will need to get replaced. Ensure your sprinkler systems are operating correctly by following the below maintenance schedule.

Save lives & minimize damage with sprinkler system inspections

In the event of a fire sprinkler system issue, or at any time if you have any suspicions about its condition, contact a trustworthy, experienced fire protection company, such as Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Austin.

NFPA25 and NFPA 291 standards and local codes and regulations can meet our nationally and locally based network of highly skilled contractors and technicians. In addition, our company offers inspections, testing, and preventative maintenance to our customers!

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Have you discovered any problems with your fire sprinkler system following your latest routine inspection? Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Austin offers a complete range of fire sprinkler system services and repairs to keep your system performing as efficiently as possible.

If properly maintained and inspected, a fire sprinkler system can provide several decades of highly effective fire protection. Call Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Austin today if you need fire sprinkler system inspection, installation, or repair. We offer 24-hour fire sprinkler system service.

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