If One Fire Sprinkler Goes Off, Do They All Go Off

If One Fire Sprinkler Goes Off, Do They All Go Off?

Most of you know may think that when one fire sprinkle goes off, all others go off. It’s not true because a fire sprinkler system is a power-packed solution to let you live a worry-free life. It empowers your security and is usually available in two types. Both types are comprehensive to provide the fully protected building and deal with fire emergencies. 

However, our fire sprinkler system works with the situation. So, heat is the primary cause to initiate the fire sprinkler. Thus, if one fire sprinkler system of any specified area goes off, it won’t affect the others, and you can deal with fire emergencies. However, in the case of a deluge fire sprinkler system, all the sprinklers go off suddenly. That’s why it’s not common, and people usually go with a quick or standard fire sprinkler system. 

What is a dry pipe system?

If you live in cold areas, you need to install a dry pipe system in your building. It usually works with pressure and nitrogen in the dry pipe and a water supply from the primary source. A valve also blocks the flow of water. When a specific heat hits the area, pressure in the pipe drops and lets the valve open. Thus, water came into the line and was expelled with high pressure. 

However, it’s relatively slow, and water reaches to pipe with delayed response. Thus, this system is suitable for parking garages, loading docks, and walk-in refrigerators. 

Wet pipe system 

The wet fire sprinkler system is quick in action. Water directly flows in pipes and sprays on fire whenever needed. So, it never takes enough time to activate and provide comprehensive protection to the building. Its installation is easy because our experts ensure the proper structure and overall cost. You can choose that could be suitable for your according to your surrounding temperature. 

Moreover, this system is not suitable for areas where the temperature falls below 40 degrees because it doesn’t work at freezing temperatures. 

Deluge pipe system

The deluge pipe system is not so popular because its showerhead opens at once and soaks the whole area. So, people avoid this type of pipe system to prevent mess. If you contact us for your fire protection plan, we will guide you with a thorough plan to provide you with an extensive protection network with reliable back support. Our team will give you valuable suggestions. Then, you can go with that could suit you well. 

However, a fire protection plan starts with installing a fire sprinkler system. That’s why we have done a lot of research to accommodate your needs, and our dedicated support will be available to manage your fire protection system afterward. 

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