Keeping fire sprinklers in top condition is critical to protecting people, property, and businesses. Additionally, to provide professional advice on choosing the right fire protection system for your facility, the Moran Fire Protection team offers turnkey solutions to install, test, and maintain commercial fire sprinkler systems following National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25.

We provide design, estimating, project management, procurement, fabrication, and installation services as a fire suppression system manufacturer. Our team creates a custom plan for your facility that complies with all fire codes and insurance requirements. F.E. Morgan's experts use AutoCAD to design and draft shop drawings for your space, so we know which areas to avoid while installing fire protection systems.

Fire Sprinkler system services

Fire sprinkler systems are typically installed in commercial buildings to protect the occupants in case of a fire. The systems are designed to release water onto the burning embers and extinguish them.

Commercial building fire protection companies can provide fire sprinkler services with years of experience dealing with these systems. The Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems TX Austin company offers installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

Commercial building fire protection companies provide installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair for fire sprinkler systems. They also offer other related services, including emergency response plans for your business and safety training for your employees.

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to protect people and property from fire risk. They provide a layer of protection by preventing fires from spreading and reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities. Fire sprinklers have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce injury and death in fires.

Fire sprinkler system services are often needed in commercial buildings. A fire sprinkler company or an independent contractor can provide these fire protection services. The most common service is to install and maintain the fire sprinkler system.

An excellent example of a fire sprinkler service is installing and maintaining a commercial building's fire protection systems. This includes installing, maintaining, repairing, and inspecting the procedures for compliance with state and local codes.

Some other services that are needed for commercial buildings include:

- Fire prevention inspections (for all tenants)

- Fire extinguisher inspections (for all tenants)

- Smoke detector replacements (for all tenants)

- Emergency generator installations

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To ensure that your fire sprinklers work when needed, it is fundamental that you maintain and repair them regularly. Ensure your fire sprinkler system performs reliably and efficiently during a fire emergency with the help of Foothill Fire Protection, Inc.'s commercial fire sprinkler repair and maintenance services. The technicians at our company can repair a wide range of sprinkler system problems, including:

  • Defective sprinkler heads
  • Leaks in pipes
  • Standpipes that leak
  • Valve or control malfunctions
  • Flow or pressure is low in the system
  • Pumps that don't work properly
  • Lines corroded or clogged with debris
  • Sediment buildup or clogs
  • The backflow preventer is faulty


A regular fire sprinkler system inspection in your California business allows you to spot any problems before they affect the system's performance in an emergency. During our annual commercial fire sprinkler inspections, Foothill Fire Protection inspects your property's entire fire sprinkler system. We look for common problems like:

  • Sprinkler heads with paint or damage
  • Sprinklers with covers
  • Sprinkler heads are too close to one another
  • Corrosion or leaks in pipes
  • A faulty valve or control
  • Standpipes that have been damaged
  • Pumps that don't work properly