What Are Common Causes of Fires

What Are Common Causes of Fires?

According to National Fire Protection Association, 490,500 residential fires are estimated, and a total of 1,388,500 cases were filed to report home and residential fire incidents. 

Fire is the cause of any damages, including life-threatening results. So, one must be careful to save from fire and adopt some preventive measures. 

It’s not easy to overcome the fire easily when it happens on home and industrial premises. However, knowing the most common fire causes can help resolve the issue. Thus, you should be aware that it can lead to a fire. So, it would be best to build your residence and industrial areas with fire protection strategies. 

Moreover, as a professional fire consultant company, we can help you take precautions to save yourself and others from extensive damages. 

What are the causes of fire?

There is no single cause of the fire, and you should note that unintentional negligence, irresponsible behavior, or product or technology defects are the leading causes. But, on the other hand, sometimes things are uncontrollable, and you can overcome the sudden fire. So, it’s ideal to know about the various causes of fire and solutions to prevent them. 


The appliances that can produce heat like stoves, laptops, mobile, and heaters can be the leading cause of the fire. If you leave this equipment unintended, results can be horrible, and a sudden fire can be unavoidable.   

Electrical systems and devices 

The devices that generate electric current are the primary cause of the fire. However, inappropriate wiring, loose wires, or poorly connected circuits can fire. In addition, some devices like generators and lightening equipment need your attention, and you should be careful if the devices are operating accurately and protect them from overheating. 

Holiday decorations 

When decorating your home for holiday celebrations, you must be careful to put lights on dry leaves because overheated lights on trees can lead to a fire. Thus, always watch for appropriate places to put candles, lights, and other decorative electric products. 

Chemicals and gases

Gas leaks, such as natural gas or propane, can cause an electric fire to start. Hence, a small leakage can catch fire, which could be dangerous. In addition, inappropriate mixing of household chemicals can cause destruction. So, you should perform this activity outside of your home for your safety. 


Always be careful while placing candles in your home. Most of you may know that every candle comes with a warning. So, a burning candle should not leave unattended.  


Among the most common causes of fire, smoking is another life-threatening cause. Some people fall asleep while smoking, and it can set fire on the sofa, bed, or couch. In addition, still-hot ashes in the wastebin can lead to a sudden fire. 


Lightning is the most dangerous cause of the fire, and it happens in summer. So, homes in woody areas are most vulnerable, and a lightning strike can fire the whole landscape. If you want to save your home and industries from fire, you can consult with us. We are professionals and can provide a comprehensive solution to protect your premises. 

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